Paths to Professorship: Strategic Career Planning and Funding Strategies in the German Academic System (English)

Mittwoch, der 25. August

12:00-1:00 pm EDT

Workshop Hall

Interactive Workshop

“Habilitation”, “Junior Professorship”, “Junior Group Leader”? There is no single path to a professorship in the German science system. This is often confusing. Especially, if you have worked abroad and are now preparing to (re)enter the German science system, it may be difficult for you to assess which positions and funding programs are best suited for you to shape your academic future. Hence, sound knowledge of the different paths is required to navigate successfully through the career phase after the doctorate. This is where experts for postdoc career development and funding opportunities from three German universities will give you insights.  

The workshop will give you an overview of the different paths towards a professorship and their structural features, highlight relevant funding opportunities and introduce a selection of third-party funders and their programs. In the final part of the workshop, we will give advice on how to apply for funding and answer your questions. 

  • Dr. Gesche Braker, Director Postdoc Center, Kiel University 
  • Dr. Anna-Katharina Krüger, Research Officer, Referat Nationale Förderprogramme, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 
  • Dr. Claudia Niggebrügge, Head of Research Funding Support Service, Freie Universität Berlin