Online: Karrierewege an Universitäten und außeruniversitären Instituten: Wie komme ich von einem System ins andere (und wieder zurück)?

The four German non-university research organizations offer a wide range of career opportunities. Especially the close networking with universities and with business, civil society and others result in numerous, thematically broad and often permeable career paths. From the classic career with the aim of a scientific leadership position to career paths at research infrastructures, in industry or in knowledge transfer with business, administration and politics, the possibilities are manifold. This diversity goes hand in hand with job profiles that are open to different CVs and skill sets. The aim of this panel is to present such career paths and to discuss them in light of the experiences and suggestions of the participants. The panel would also like to invite attendees to an individual consultation at their Talent Fair booths afterwards.

  • Nicole Cumia, Deputy Head of Recruiting and HR Marketing, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • Alexandra Rosenbach, Deputy Head Communication & External Affairs, Helmholtz Association
  • Dr. Samuel Krug, International Relations Manager, Leibniz Association
  • Ilka Schießler-Gäbler, Head of Unit Programs & Networks in the Human Resources Development & Opportunities Department, Max Planck Society
  • Moderation: Dr. Mridul Agrawal, Co-Founder, iuvando Health GmbH, GAIN Beirat