My Transatlantic Career – Dealing with Pitfalls, Learning from Others

Donnerstag, der 26. August

9:15-10:15 am EDT

Workshop Hall

Interactive Workshop

International mobility is an essential component for successful academic careers, but it also places considerable demands on individuals and their private lives. In this workshop, you will meet three young researchers from the Rhine-Main area who have embarked on a transatlantic career path and who have successfully mastered the transition between North America and Germany. They will tell you about their recipes for success, which could be important for your own career, as well as possible hurdles that you may not have thought of yet. Furthermore, you will find out more about the processes involved and learn about the range of support opportunities offered by the three universities in the RMU Alliance, all from the individual points of view of the three young scientists. 

After the interviews, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists as well as to the university representatives. Particular issues with regard to the coronavirus crisis will also be discussed. 

  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Kellner, Univeristy Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Goethe University Frankfurt  
  • Prof. Dr. Helen May-Simera, Univeristy Professor, Cilia Cell Biology, Institute of Molecular Physiology, JGU Mainz 
  • Prof. Dr. Enno Giese, Professor für Theoretische Quantenoptik, Physics – Theoretical quantum optics, TU Darmstadt 
  • Moderators: Dr. Frauke Choi, Head of HR Dept. Career Development, Internationalization & Quality Development, JGU Mainz, Dr. Bettina Wagner, Managing Director Ingenium, TU Darmstadt, Katharina Welling, Managing Director JQ Young Academy, Goethe University Frankfurt