Informational Interviews (English)

Mittwoch, der 25. August

12:00-1:00 pm EDT

Workshop Hall

Interactive Workshop

Are you interested in a specific career path but don’t know how to go about it? The best thing to do is talk to an expert in that field! An informative interview is a short conversation with a person who has already gained experience in this profession. Here you can ask specific information about the position you want, as well as the expected requirements. The aim is to gain clarity as to whether this field of work/job really matches your own interests. In our workshop we want to inform you (1) how to prepare for an informative interview, (2) how and where to identify and contact people for a personal exchange and (3) how to conduct the interview effectively. To that end, the workshop provides opportunities for hands-on practice. Building a professional network in a particular field through professional contacts is a pleasant side effect of the informative interview. 

  • Dr. Ulrike Klenke, Director, Amgen Scholars at NIH Program / GAIN Beirat 
  • Dr. Edgar John Vogt, Company Scout, German Accelerator 
  • Dr. Jan-Ulrik Dahl, Faculty, Illinois State University