Impulssession: Transforming your research into a Publication

You finished your Ph.D. and are thinking of turning your dissertation into a book? Then this interactive workshop is for you. Your Ph.D. thesis is an important milestone as it becomes your first major piece of research which helps you to start building a reputation in academia. Working on your first major publication based on your doctoral research is something that you may want to do during a post-doc fellowship or consider already when completing your Ph.D.

This workshop is intended to help you turn your doctoral thesis into a publishable book or other kind of publication. This, as this workshop uncovers, requires some adjustments and adaptation of the content and style of your Ph.D thesis.

Although no single rule exists the workshop acts as a guide in the process of getting a publishable book out of your Ph.D., some elements usually distinguish a typical doctoral thesis from a monograph, a chapter in an edited volume, or a journal article.

Language: German

  • Dr. Jan Lüdert, Head of Programs, DWIH NY
  • Dr. Max Vögler, Vice President Global Strategic Networks – DACH, Elsevier Publishing

Room: Dartmouth