Universität Hamburg

Universität Hamburg is northern Germany’s largest and most diverse center of research. The University is known for its outstanding basic research as well as its applied and transfer research projects. The 5 core research areas are Climate, Earth and Environment/Photon and Nanosciences/Manuscript Cultures/Particle, Astro- and Mathematical Physics and Infection Research. The UHH has a strong track record of acquiring external funding in individual and collaborative projects. In addition to 4 clusters of excellence, we currently participate in 16 collaborative research centers, 30 DFG research groups, and 22 DFG priority programs. Our doctoral and early career researchers train in 8 DFG research training groups, 16 early career research groups, and within various structured doctoral / postdoctoral programs and junior professorships in cooperation with non-university research institutions. We currently hold 17 ERC grants as well as numerous further projects in the Horizon 2020 program.

Stand number: 35