Science Slam and Award Ceremony

Welcome on stage: the GAIN Science Slam is all about science communication. A group of international researchers from various fields will present their findings in a five-minute pitch in front of the GAIN23 audience. The objective is to impart current research results to a diverse audience in an understandable and entertaining way. The GAIN audience is also the Science Slam Jury.

Language: English

Science Slam Hosts: Aline Gottlieb, GAIN Beirat and Jan Lüdert, Head of Programs, DWIH NY


  • Dr. Li Zeng, Harvard University, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Dr. Sina Baleka, McMaster University, Department of Anthropology
  • Dr. Dilyana Mangarova, Stanford University, Molecular Imagine Program (MIPS)
  • Dr. Jan Musekamp, University of Pittsburgh, Department of History
  • Dr. Diviya Sinha, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering
  • Dr. Regina Faubel, University of Pittsburgh, Developmental Biology
  • Dr. Armin Scheben, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Simons Center for Quantitative Biology
  • Dr. Andre Bauer, University of Chicago, Department of Computer Science

Room: Salon F