Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Rhein-Mainz-Universitäten (RMU) in Kooperation mit Uni Frankfurt, TU Darmstadt:

Creative minds shape the culture of knowledge at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). More than 40,000 employees and students from over 120 nations meet the challenges of science and art, research, study, and teaching every day.

JGU’s internal research funding provides financial support in the form of start-up funding for individual or cooperative research projects aiming to secure third-party financing. We also provide funds for networking activities as well as travel expenses for actively participating in international scientific conferences.

In addition, JGU supports young academics on their individual career paths by offering information, consulting, and qualification – be it for a career in research and teaching, for a path outside the university, or for the launch of a science- or technology-based start-up project.

JGU wants to inspire young people to courageously cross the diverse boundaries they encounter every day:

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