Informative Interviews/Informational Interviews

Are you interested in a different career path, but don’t know how to go about it? The best thing to do is talk to experts in the field! An informative interview is a short conversation with a person of your interest, where you can ask for information and details about a position as well as the expected skills. We will inform you how to prepare for an informative interview, identify and contact individuals for a face-to-face exchange, and discuss how to conduct the interview effectively. For this, the workshop will provide opportunities for hands-on practice. Building a professional network in
a particular field through professional contacts is a pleasant side effect of the informative interview. An increasingly complex professional world makes representing oneself in public more difficult, especially under time pressure. Making a lasting impression and being remembered after very brief encounters is a particular challenge that we will discuss and practice in this workshop.

Language: English

  • Dr. Ulrike Klenke, Director, Amgen Scholars at NIH Program / GAIN Beirat
  • Dr. Jan-Ulrik Dahl, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Illinois State University / GAIN Beirat

Room: Berkeley