Great Views and Career Perspectives: The University of Konstanz, Germany

Founded as a reform university in 1966, the University of Konstanz is one of only six universities in Germany to be continuously recognized as a University of Excellence since 2007. It distinguishes itself through its top-level research, excellence in teaching and studies, internationality and interdisciplinary collaboration. Interconnected buildings and short distances sustain an environment that facilitates communication, interlinks scientific disciplines and advances a culture of creative collaboration.
At the University of Konstanz, it is this close research collaboration at departmental interfaces within and beyond single faculties that drives the continuous development of its five research priorities:

• Inequality and Conflict
• Cultural Dynamics and Social Transformation
• Molecular Principles of Life
• Human|Data|Society
• Collective Behaviour

These profile areas bring excellent researchers together and allow them to pool their shared research interests.

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