GAIN19 Science Slam: Photo Gallery

Dr. Fadji Maina on the GAIN19 science slam stage in San Francisco, 2019.

Seven international researchers from various fields presented their findings in a seven-minute pitch in front of the GAIN19 audience. The objective was to convey current research results to a diverse audience in an understandable and entertaining way. AJ White,  Vinita Bharat, Aline Gottlieb,  Bettina Hieronimus,  Fadji Maina, Klaus Liegener and  Sonja Salo did it: seven inspiring slams at the GAIN19. The audience formed groups of jurors and voted while host Martin Lichtenthaler encouraged the slammers: “1, 2, 3, Go GAIN!” And the winner is: Aline Gottlieb! Congrats!!! Special thanks to the Elsevier publishing house and Dr. Max Voegler  for supporting the GAIN Science Slam.

If you missed the Science Slam watch the performances here: Science Slam Movie and Slammer Clips