Academia is the Alternative Career Path – Options for Researchers in Business and Other Sectors (English)

Friday, August 27

10:45-11:45 am EDT

Workshop Hall

Interactive Workshop

Only 15% of all doctoral graduates under the age of 45 in Germany work at a university. A fraction of these holds a professorship or a permanent position. The majority of doctoral graduates, on the other hand, work in various economic sectors, in the public sector or in the non-profit sector. But how do scientists actually find a “good fit” outside the familiar research environment? And how do they make the transition to other sectors? What career models are conceivable?

We will give an overview of non-academic career strategies, tools such as “informational interviews” and LinkedIn searches, and talk about good practice experiences with scientists who have found models for themselves outside of university research.

  • Dr. René Sternberg, Head Of Professional Services, HIRSCHTEC GmbH & Co. KG 
  • Dr. Manuela Schütze, Project and Implementation Manager, Minddistrict GmbH
  • Moderators: Dr. Anne Schreiter, Geschäftsführerin, German Scholars Organization e.V., Dr. Marieke Üzüm, Leiterin Förderprogramme und Beratung, German Scholars Organization e.V.