Testimonials and Feedback

The GAIN Conference is open to international doctoral and postdoctoral students, as well as assistant professors seeking information on transatlantic careers and collaborations.

Find below, some statements of our international participants 2017:

  • I’m looking forward to attending the talent fair 2018.
  • I learned more about possible options for future research in Germany
  • more likely to explore these options for my future
  • The representatives for the various universities and institutions were very friendly and helpful!
  • Learned about options for PhDs in Germany
  • I’m more seriously pursuing the possibility of a German doctorate
  • Provided me valuable connections
  • Great central location in San Francisco and excellent keynote speaker. Also, the marketing by DAAD on Facebook was very helpful since I would not have known about it otherwise.
  • I attended the fair with an open mind about the path of my career. I came away with even more possibilities than I imagined.
  • I have already attended an Erasmus Mundus program in Germany (Potsdam) so I know what a wonderful place it is to study and do research. Engaging with so many bright people at the talent fair definitely made me want to return for my PhD studies and/or for a job.
  • I will always go back to Germany to see the friends and colleagues I met there during my graduate studies.
  • It was a great chance for me to learn about which Universities and Institutions are focussing on the research areas I work in.
  • I liked the open atmosphere and the discussions. I was surprised that some people made even appointment so that I could have a personal discussion.